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Pure Lead Carbon High Endurance PLH+C series

Pure Lead Carbon High Endurance PLH+C series

Leoch Pure Lead Carbon front terminal batteries, PLH+C series, are AGM Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid front terminal batteries that have been optimized for hybrid telecom applications. Engineered for long life shallow cycling applications such as Hybrid and Renewable Energy powered Base Transceiver Stations. PLH+C batteries offer long life design and high cyclic performance.

CE Marking Statement

Leoch batteries do not bear the CE mark. The “CE” mark indicates the conformity of a product with an EC Directive applicable to that product and is a declaration that the product conforms to all EC regulations and provisions, and that the appropriate conformity assessment procedures have been completed. Batteries are covered by a different directive (Battery Directive 2006/66/EC) and as such the CE mark is not required on any Leoch lead acid battery. Leoch batteries do conform with all the relevant EC directives and regulations and as such are marked with the appropriate symbols but not bear CE marking which is inappropriate to be marked on lead-acid batteries.


Batteries brochure for Telecom applications                      Telecom PLH+C series sheet


Batteries brochure for Telecom applications
Telecom PLH+C series sheet

Polygon  Front terminal design makes PLH+C batteries ideal for 19-inch or 23-inch telecom cabinets

Polygon  Carbon additives for increased PSoC resilience and increased cycle life compared to floating Pure Lead Series (>1000cycles at 60% DoD)

Polygon  Unique anti-explosion one-way vent valve design to minimize water loss and increase safety

Polygon  True Pure Lead design and manufacturing offering Very Long Design Life in accordance to Eurobat (up to 20 years @ 20°C)

Polygon  Shielded design terminal caps reduce risk of short circuits and improves safety

Polygon  Premium ABS+PC jar & covers flame retardant to UL94-V0

ModelNominal Voltage (V)Rated Capacity 10Hr @ 1.80V/cell (AH)Approx. DimensionsApprox. WeightTerminal Type
file-document 1PLH+C 40FT1238298.7011.7697.003.82184.007.24184.007.2412.5027.56M6
file-document 1PLH+C 100FT12100405.4015.96108.004.25287.0011.30287.0011.3030.8067.90M6
file-document 1PLH+C 10012100341.5013.44175.006.89213.008.39215.008.4631.2068.78M6
file-document 1PLH+C 170FT12170559.0022.01125.004.92320.0012.60320.0012.6054.20119.49M6
file-document 1PLH+C 190FT12190559.0022.01125.004.92320.0012.60320.0012.6057.60126.98M6
file-document 1PLH+C 210FT12210559.0022.01125.004.92328.0012.91328.0012.9160.50133.38M6

Polygon  Environmentally friendly without any heavy metals inside

Polygon  LCD screen available for on-site tool-free monitoring. Advanced BMS with a multitude of safety and communication options available.

Polygon  Advanced BMS communication protocols (Modbus, Canbus, RS232, RS485) and bespoke solutions upon request (SNMP, Anti-Theft & Tracking Systems availability)

Polygon  Extreme Cycle Life, up to 3500 cycles at 100% DoD to reduce CAPEX & OPEX in demanding telecom, switchgear or hybrid applications

Polygon  Lithium Ion Phosphate chemistry has a high thermal runaway threshold being the safest market lithium technology

Polygon  Passive cooling and electromagnetic shielded design

ModelNominal Voltage (V)Rated Capacity 10Hr @ 1.80V/cell (AH)Approx. DimensionsApprox. WeightTerminal Type
PLH+C 40FT1238298.7011.7697.003.82184.007.24184.007.2412.5027.56M6
PLH+C 100FT12100405.4015.96108.004.25287.0011.30287.0011.3030.8067.90M6
PLH+C 10012100341.5013.44175.006.89213.008.39215.008.4631.2068.78M6
PLH+C 170FT12170559.0022.01125.004.92320.0012.60320.0012.6054.20119.49M6
PLH+C 190FT12190559.0022.01125.004.92320.0012.60320.0012.6057.60126.98M6
PLH+C 210FT12210559.0022.01125.004.92328.0012.91328.0012.9160.50133.38M6

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